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My students loved this one so much that we are only taking a two week break and start all over again with a new pose and a new painting. If you are serious about learning classical figure painting, this is one class you will not want to miss. There is so much to learn!




Venetian Figure Painting

Starting June 16 thru July 7, Friday mornings, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. (8 meetings)

Now on Youtube, you can preview the introductory lecture to this course and get an idea of what it is all about. The itself video has already had tens of thousands of views.


Venetian Figure Painting



over 40,000 views so far.

Following the success of the above video, I have had many requests for further instruction. For now I am offering this step-by-step PDF of a Titian Master Copy (see the Classes tab for more details).


In the meantime I am working on some complete instructional videos. So please stay tuned for that.


This is a sample of the master copy project that we follow in this course.

You purchase this PDF. It is the step-by-step Master Copy of a Titian used in my UCLA Ex class. With simple instructions it takes you through the three stages of painting: Drawing, Value and Color, it focuses on creating a sense of atmosphere through the order of painting with glazing and scumbling.